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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Updated: 1/10/2020
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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  • Protagonist: Harry Potter
  • Supporting Character: Hermione Granger
  • Theme
  • Foreshadowing: "Mr. Crouch was supposed to be to ill to go to work or come to the Yule Ball - so what is he doing, sneaking into Hogwarts at one o'clock in the morning?" (400)
  • Harry Potter is a boy who likes adventures, and never backs down in the face of danger. Sometimes Harry feels hopeless, but he always finds a way to overcome his obstacles. He works through his problems with his best friends Ron and Hermione, who help him through many tough times.
  • Imagery: "Then he realized that it was a colossal skull, comprised of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from it's mouth like a tongue. As they watched, it rose higher and higher blazing in a haze of greenish smoke, etched against the black sky like a new constellation." (128)
  • Hermione Granger is one of Harry's best friends. She is witty and can come up with a logical explanation for almost anything. Hermione is not that much of a risk taker, but since knowing Harry she has become more lenient on breaking the rules in favor of the greater good.
  • Suspense: "The thin man stepped out of the cauldron, staring at Harry... and Harry stared back into the face that had haunted his nightmares for three years. Whiter than a skull, with wide, livid scarlet eyes and a nose that was flat as a snake's with slits for nostrils... Lord Voldemort had risen again." (643)
  • One should never give up even when everything seems hopeless. Harry is faced with an impossible challenge, yet he faced it head on and does what he thought impossible. He perseveres through every obstacle, and does better than even he would have thought.
  • Suspense:
  • Harry sees Mr. Crouch on his magical map and thinks that the map is mistaken because surely it couldn't be Mr. Crouch. The map wasn't mistaken, because it was actually Mr. Crouch. The reader finds out later that it was Barty Crouch Jr., Mr. Crouches Son.
  • Crouch
  • This quote does a great job describing to readers what this mark would have looked like in real time. It makes the reader feel the impact and impression that the Dark Mark made on the people.
  • This describes Voldemort coming out of the cauldron after being risen; how he stares at Harry and Harry back at him without saying a word. This creates a tense situation which leaves the reader intrigued as to what will happen next between Voldemort and Harry.
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