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Updated: 2/2/2021
storyboard - ian

Storyboard Text

  • Julius Caesar wants to be king. Cassius is jealous also wants to be king
  • i will be king
  • i must be king
  • conspirators plan to kill Julius Caesar. Cassius convinces Brutus to help them.
  • the conspirators kill Julius Caesar. during the ides of March
  • first Brutus and Mark Antony speak at Julius Caesar's funeral. the people of Rome are convinced to run the conspirators out of Rome
  • Cassius and Brutus plan to go to battle but there are many problems with the army and personal ones, like Julius Caesar's ghost visiting Brutus
  • Mark Antony and Octavius's army want the battle with Brutus and Cassius's army. after a moment of misunderstanding, Cassius ordered one of his men to kill him. after the entirety of Brutus's army was taken down he asked one of his men to kill him, and after much hesitance from his men killed.