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Colonial Regions
Updated: 9/16/2020
Colonial Regions
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New England, Middle Colonies, & Southern Colonies.

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  • New England
  • Middle Colonies
  • Southern Colonies
  • The New England colonies are Rhode Island Colony, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The geography is mountains thick with trees, rivers and poor rocky soil.  Climate in New England is the Coldest of the three regions. The main religions are Puritans and no religious freedom except Rhode Island. The economy of the New England is based upon fish, whale products, ship's timber products, furs, maple syrup, copper, livestock products, horses, rum, whiskey and beer. The government has elected their own representatives, they were all democratic, they all had a governor, governor's court, and a court system.
  • The middle colonies are New York, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The climate and geography of the Middle Colonies had a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters, fertile soil and land that was suited to farming. The main religions are Not dominated by a specific religion because they took away a law so they have religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and others. The economy of the Middle Colonies is based upon food and animals pork and beef from cows. The government is an elected their own representative, they were all democratic, they all had a governor's court, and a court system to judge if people are guilty. Government in Middle Colonies was run by the king.
  • The Southern Colonies are Virginia Colony, Maryland Colony, North Carolina Colony, South Carolina Colony, and Georgia Colony. The geography of the Southern Colonies featured fertile soil, hilly coastal plains, forests, long rivers and swamp areas. Climate in South is the Warmest of the three regions, winters not difficult to survive, but the hot and humid summers. The main religions are Anglicans and Baptists. The economy of the southern Colonies is based upon selling tobacco, rice, indigo dye, and cotton. They use slaves to grow crops. The government is a The Royal Colonies were ruled directly by the English monarchy.
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