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Updated: 5/5/2020
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  • Arriving
  • What people wanted
  • Battle of the Alamo
  • In the 1820s, Texas was part of Mexico and only few Mexicans settled there. The government of Mexico wanted people to live there, work the land, and become loyal citizens. So Stephen Austin was given the right to bring American families into Texas. By 1832, 20,000 American settlers moved to Texas.
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • Remember the Alamo!
  • Later on, Texas settlers missed the freedom they had in the U.S. They also didn't like the way the Mexican government made its citizens pay taxes. People also wanted more open trade with the U.S and also wanted slavery back since Mexico banned slavery in1829. Many Texans decided they should be independent and started to govern themselves. Later on, the Texas Revolution had begun.
  • Winning independence
  • In early 1836, the president of Mexico, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, led an army and headed towards San Antonio to end the revolt. And there, 180 Texans prepared to defend themselves at a walled fortress called the Alamo. The Texans held off with Santa Anna's army for nearly two weeks. And finally on March 6th, the Mexicans stormed the Alamo. The Mexican and Texans fought and at the end, all of the defenders were killed.
  • Becoming a state
  • Sam Houston, who took command of the Texas army, launched a surprise attack on Santa Anna at the San Jacinto River near Galveston Bay on April 21st. The army quietly approached the enemy camp and charged yelling, "Remember the Alamo!". The battle was over quickly and the Texans defeated the Mexican army and captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence.
  • On March 2nd, 1836, Texan leaders declared independence. They drew up a constitution and formed a government. Sam Houston took command of the Texas army and later joined the battle of San Jacinto. After the battle, in September 1836, Texans voted to make Sam Houston president of the Republic of Texas and Stephen Austin became its secretary of state. Then Texas became an independent country.
  • Texans thought that the U.S. would annex Texas but Americans thought it would spread slavery so they didn't. Then in 1820, there was the Missouri Compromise which brought two states into the Union. It also banned slavery in the Louisiana Purchase which led to disagreements between the North and South about slavery. In 1845, Congress voted to annex Texas and Texas became a state later that year.
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