Noah's storyboard
Updated: 3/17/2020
Noah's storyboard

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  • Once my mom and my little sister went shopping. She passed by some stores
  • "Oh, I have never been to this store! Let's check it out "
  • "Do you guys need some help?"
  • They entered the store but immediately a pair of Nike's caught her attention.
  • "Look Kiki [my sisters nickname is Kiki] do you like those shoes, they would be great for your brother Louis?"
  • She asks the customer but unfortunately they don't have size 10 available
  • "I'll text him and if he really likes the shoes I will call Marshall's in Beaverton!"
  • "I am sorry but we don't have those shoes in the right size available right now. I would check online."
  • She tried to reach out to him but since Louis is not allowed to use his phone during school time she decides to ask him when he gets back
  • "I will text him and when he gets back fom school I will call the store in Beaverton. "
  • Louis really liked the shoes so she takes her phone and tries to call Marshall's. But she made a mistake and calls the Marshal instead of the store Marshall's.
  • "Hopefully they have them on stock"
  • "Hey, this is Jeanet speaking. Do you guys have those red Nike's on stock in your store in beaverton?"
  • "Sorry ma'am but you are calling the Marshal right now we don't have time for those jokes! Red shoes what are you talking about?"
  • "I know that you are Marshall's! I just saw online that you have those red nike's on stock!"