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Updated: 10/16/2019
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  • Woman
  • Trading
  • pyamid
  • Woman could not leave their husband unless they was abused.Woman could work but for some jobs they could be a baker making bread and they could be a midwife and they coud be a tavern worker.
  • Language
  • They would trade for needs .If it was heavy packages then they would take it on a boat and if it was a lighter packages then they would use a donkey or and foot and they would take it by other animals.
  • Codes of Hammurab
  • ¨If a man in case against the witnerses or has not justified the word that he spoken if that case be a captial suit,that man shall be put to death.¨
  • The pyamid was made for the king the pymaid was sepated by the powermof the people have the king will be a the top because he is more powerfu then anyone else.
  • Kings
  • The first peope to devea sysrem of wirting is sumerians it was develop around 3,300 BCE
  • The code of Hummurab was established the law incuding marriage,theft,assualt and death .
  • King ruled the placs and controlled the peope the people had to do what the king says or they be punished.
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