Updated: 3/9/2020
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  • King Acrisius was told by the orecle that he would be killed by his grandson.
  • Zeus impregnated the kings daughter Danae, Once King Acrisius found out ...
  • They washed ashore found by a fisherman. The fisherman Dicty raised Perseus as his own until he was grown.
  • His only daughter Danae was locked away when she reached child-bearing age.
  • Polydectes asked Perrseus to fetch him a wedding present, The head of medusa..
  • Dispite all precautions, Zeus impreganated Danae. Acrisius casted Danae and her Son perseus into sea in a box.
  • Persues looked at the sleeping Gorgons reflection,and slew medusa...
  • Perseus was protective over his mother.Then Dictys brother King Polydectes hatched a plot to get rid of Perseus.
  • Perseus left Andromeda and went to offer to her parents that he would save her for her hand in marrige.
  • Perseus was givin a helmet from Hades, A pair of sandals from Hermes and a bronze shield from Athena...Perseus stole the eye,returning it only after they told him where to find medusa.
  • The flying pegasus sprang from her body,Perseus fled the other two Gorgons. On his way back perseus found Andromeda chained to the rocks about to be sacrificed to the sea monster.
  • They agreed and perseua slayed the sea monster, rescued her, and they got married. They begat perses, and 5 other sons. After he uncovered Polydectes duplicity and slew him.
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