Updated: 1/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Slaves
  • Crafts men
  • Priest
  • Scribes
  • Farmers
  • Pharaoh
  • Government leaders
  • Merchants
  • Nobles
  • Ancient Egypt social structure was built so the more powerful you were, the more wealthy you were.
  • Polytheistic was the main religion in Ancient Egypt. There was hundreds of gods and people prayed daily.
  • Sometimes there would be tombs in the Nile!
  • Only priests could mummify bodies
  • Fun Facts
  • Hieroglyphics weren't translated into another language until 1799.
  • King tut was one of the most famous pharaohs and was only 9 when he inherited his power.
  • Pharaohs were the only people who got mummified. The process of being mummified was gruesome and long.
  • *SPLASH*
  • The Egyptian pyramids are located in Giza, Egypt. The slaves built them for the Pharaohs. each brick weights 500 tons! Too this day we still don't know how they built them.
  • I'm using drag net, something Egyptians invented to catch fish.