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Updated: 1/31/2020
Novel Storyboard
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  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Initial Incident / Conflict
  • In my novel, the main setting is inside of Cathy's complex. Either in the future or in the past, Cathy spends a lot of her time in her apartment or in Stuart's. In the present, she lives in a city named Lancaster.
  • In present time, Cathy is living in a apartment complex where she meets start. He is a psychologist who leads Cathy into getting help. Due to Cathy's past, she had OCD and PTSD that cause her very bad panic attacks. Cathy is very reserved and timid of many things. Most of the things she avoids are things that remind her of Lee, such as red dresses or crowded bars.
  • The conflict of the story is how Cathy is facing her OCD and PTSD. She thinks her condition has become better until she gets a call from the police department telling her Lee has been released. She now looks for Lee everywhere and her mind is back at square one. The conflict in the past begins when Lee starts to abuse and manipulate Cathy.
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