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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • The Incas were a very well known civilization in Mesoamerica, known for their architecture, agriculture, and Religion. They were incredibly influential, and influenced lots of civilizations throughout mesoamerica. Machu Picchu, Terrace farming, and many other things were important to them, and I have traveled back in time to show you why that is.
  • The Incas were very well known for their architecture, such as Machu Picchu as well as their stone channels that they used to control water. Buildings were built in machu picchu by individual stones being fit together.
  • The Incas had very influential agriculture systems. They had a system called terrace farming, in which they build a series of "steps" that they planted on. This system had the water run down the steps, benefiting them greatly. They had many benefits, such as more efficiency, it saves water, it conserves soil, and it reduces soil erosion.
  • The Incas were very influential, and helped influence other empires at the time through their architectural techniques as well as the terrace farming they utilized. Without them, the world wouldn't be the same.
  • The Incas were polytheistic. One person they worshipped was Inti. They believed that the emperor's family descended from him, and that he was the god of the sun and agriculture. Agriculture was important to the Incas. Women were important to Inca religion. Some women were chosen to be taught how to prepare special food and drink for religious ceremonies and wove garments for the Sapa Inca and the Coya. Some were sacrificed while others taught in temples.
  • Inti
  • The Incas used the Andes mountains to their advantage. These mountains allowed the Incas to create aqueducts as well as roads, the likes of which were better than the ones in Europe at the time. It also gave them protection from enemies.
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