birthday final

Updated: 6/16/2021
birthday final

Storyboard Text

  • Yes! I finally found it after 7 years. The legends are true. The ultimate genie. "SUCHMAN"The legend here says that this genie is very tricky and no one till now has received the exact wish they desired. He is also called the 'Trick Master'
  • When Fav is Genie and Aladdin is a girl
  • Aladdin with a Twist 
  • Yaar, who dares to wake me up. I was sleeping like a baby. You better have a good reason to wake me up.You peasant
  • It's HIM
  • Well, what happened to...."I was trapped in this Anchor for 10,000 year until you freed me" "Your wish is my command, master""You have 3 and only 3 wishes""I can make rich and give you anything you like "
  • Aladdin (The girl) after searching for 12 nights has finally found the"Legendary IRON ANCHOR". The home of the Genie.
  • This is not a comic book, that I would say such things.Plus I dreaming about my future, where I was Ironman.
  • She thinks for a little while. But her excitement makes her rub the "Legendary IRON ANCHOR".
  • Now tell me your wish and make me an offer I cannot resists Be Quick. Chop chop
  • What.....Why do I have to give you an offer in return. Where are the 3 wishes
  • Aladdin is shocked to see this behavior of Genie. And starts to think if all this was a mistake. But her desire for her wish was much stronger
  • HURRY UP You have 10mins left.Otherwise I am going back to sleep. And then forget about your wishes
  • NOOOO .Wait. I have been waiting for 7 years for this day
  • Suchman laughs, listening to her childish stories.
  • Aladdin gets all confused. Where she thought, she would get her wishes easily. Had just turned into her worse nightmare
  • She starts to think, what can she offer him. To get her wishes (hopefully).....but then......
  • And he vanishes in thin air