Ancient Egypt
Updated: 1/12/2021
Ancient Egypt

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, and welcome to Ancient Egypt!
  • The Country of Egypt is made up of a lot of desert. We call these areas the "Red Lands".
  • But thanks to the fertile "Black Lands" as we call them, we can grow a lot of crops!
  • By the way, Hashepsut was a Pharaoh, who were the rulers of Ancient Egypt and they were very rich.
  • And thanks to Hashepsut, we were able to trade with other countries!
  • But then they realized that it took way to much work and resources, so they made tombs in- stead of Pyramids.
  • Pharaohs were buried in Pyramids, which were amazing technological achievements,
  • Another Fun Fact!Ancient Egyptians practiced Polytheism, where you worship multiple gods like Ra, The Sun God!
  • Fun Fact!Egyptians wrote with pictures called Hieroglyphics!
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