Bad user experience sb
Updated: 3/23/2020
Bad user experience sb

Storyboard Text

  • Which employer are we visiting first?
  • We will start from the employer that is closer and keep going further. I suggest Admiral.
  • Is the platform that bad? I think you should give it another try!
  • What if I take the notes on paper today? And I will pass them to the database later?
  • So tell us Mr. Green, when are you going to be available to visit schools, and how far are you willing to drive there?
  • I cannot find it again..where is the 'Add info' page? Oh there it is...Come on it is taking ages to load..
  • Admiral Office
  • I don't have all day!
  • A week later..
  • I am letting you know from now, there is no chance I am using the platform today. It's just so slow and I am having such a hard time using it.
  • Hey, don't worry about it! We finally have a new platform that we can use!
  • I heard it is so easier to use and it is fast! You don't even need to learn how to use it beforehand!
  • Tell me more about this new platform!
  • Our team is willing to drive maximum of two hours and we are available every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Not at all. My pleasure. You were very fast and efficient.
  • That is perfect.Noted. Thank you for your time Mrs.