Yang Junxiang

Updated: 3/24/2021
Yang Junxiang

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German Housewife group 4

Storyboard Text

  • Huge devastation
  • Sitting properly is my middle name
  • Economic Crisis
  • Are you joking? I only have 2000 mark that's mine
  • I have only 3000 marks. Please give money
  • You guys are getting money?
  • Developing a healthy relationship
  • I still think it is too early
  • Want to marry?
  • Mariam was so shocked when she found out that Gustav Stresemann died when our economy started to get better. He ended the workers strike resistance in the Ruhr Valley and managed to put the hyperinflation into check, stabilizing the currency situation. The whole of Germany took a fatal hit.
  • Mariam found job
  • In 1929, the global economic crisis hit. Germany could no longer pay the war debts stipulated in the Versailles Peace Treaty. Millions of Germans lost their job. The country was in a political crises as well.
  • Big news: Hitler became big hit
  • I am definitely controlling the horse
  • My boyfriend, Alger Fischer, wanted to marry but Mariam felt that she needed to find a job to sustain the great depression.
  • Marriage
  • I think you guys can like kiss, is this the church?
  • In 1931, Alger introduced Mariam to a boss working for the government in a smithy. The couple was very excited to hear that as they felt that they could marry now.
  • Job for a blacksmith? you're in!
  • In 1933, When Hindenburg died the following year, Hitler took the titles of führer, chancellor, and commander in chief of the army. He expanded the army tremendously. The couple thought that Hitler was going to be Germany's destined savior.
  • I am Hitler by the way
  • In 1933, They decided to marry at a church in Berlin. There was the "Law for the Reduction of Unemployment" Aryan newlyweds were eligible to receive loan of 1,000 Reichsmarks, in the form of vouchers in the husband's name that could be redeemed for household goods such as furniture. Mariam is now unable to work because of the law.