thank you ma'am
Updated: 1/29/2021
thank you ma'am

Storyboard Text

  • how have you been?
  • been good, just came back to visit you.
  • what did did you major in college?
  • criminal justice ma'am
  • thats nice!
  • i gave it to my friend i made a while ago
  • exposition: Rodger comes to visit ms. jones after moving out of the state for college. and finished school and has a new job!
  • i really do think i have changed.
  • rising action-Rodger now is a criminal justice lawyer, who wants to improve civil rights and the lives of hardworking black people like ms. jones.
  • i want to buy you something.
  • rising action 2-Rodger now tells ms. jones used the $10 to buy his friend something nice. just for the kindness.
  • thank you ma'am
  • climax-Rodger apologies again for how he behaved 10 years ago, and how he has learned to show gratitude more. And one of the reasons he decided to get in civil rights was ms. jones.
  • falling action-Rodger takes ms. jones out just to show his gratitude to her. for something, she did very kindly to him 10 years ago.he actually even asked if she wants this new handbag and offers to cook her meals
  • resolution- Rodger decided he was going to come back to visit more often. Rodger was able to show his gratitude today. and was able to say thank you, ma'am.