La Grande Paix de Montreal
Updated: 2/24/2021
La Grande Paix de Montreal

Storyboard Text

  • fur trade!
  • anyone?
  • Noway!
  • Hey! We are also fur trading! Stop!
  • The french are arriving in the new world. New world is Canada the undiscovered. The lands are not mapped the only inhabitants the first nations people.
  • Lets fight then!
  • I declare war!
  • The french has just arrived in the land. They have started a fur trade with the first nations. Little did they know that the first nations have fur trades to.
  • OK
  • Lets settle our problems and stop the war.
  • The First Nations people are now annoyed.They want the french to stop fur trading.But the french refuse to stop for they are seeking money.
  • OK
  • Come to Montreal for our peace signing.
  • Good news. We aren't in war anymore.
  • The first nations and the french started a war. It was a long war for 7 years! 1,512 died in action,1,500 died of wounds and 10,400 died of disease.
  • The groups decided to stop the war. So they settled on signing the La Grade Paix de Montreal. So the french asked the first nations to send out the news to the otter nations.
  • So the first nations all told each other the good news. That news traveled fast across the native lands. All the groups agreed to come.