Water Comic
Updated: 3/30/2020
Water Comic
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  • Water Comic
  • It all started in darkness, that was the first thing I ever saw. Slowly I could feel myself heating up, to the point were the pain was unbearable, then is stopped. I had evaporated, I had gotten so hot that my molocules had turned into a gas! But were did that energy come from? As I broke the surface I got my answer, the sun.
  • Evantually, I don't know how long it took me, I notced I was rising. After maybe an hour or two, I started to see more gas clouds like me! Then I started ramming into other clods, and can you guess what, we combined to make a bigger cloud! After a while it started to get cold, It felt wierd, almost like I was turning back Into water. When I looked at myself I realized I was water. Condensation!
  • I started bumping into the other water drops, and once again we combined, eventually I could feel our weight pulling us down. About 3 hours later some of the other water drops just fell out of the cloud, then I felt an odd tugging downward, when I looked down all i saw was water below. We were falling to the ocean!
  • After a few days of just bobbing around in the ocean, I could feel myself starting to boil. I moaned in silent pain, not again! After a few hours of slowly heating up, I could the pain I had felt on the first day, I had evaporated from the heat again, great, now I was a invisible gas thing again.
  • This time when it got cold, I couldn't help but notice the difference, the first time it felt soothing, but this was just freezing, but I guess the cold did it's job. I turned back into a small water drop. Again slowly I started combining with other water drops. But when we fell almost instantly we froze and started slowing down, we were frozen. When we landed we were on what i assumed was a big ice rock. I called my new discovery a glacier.
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