Water Comic 2
Updated: 3/30/2020
Water Comic 2
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  • As I watched all of my friends go, I stayed frozen, all old and new left me. At one point, I don't remember when, I had given up hope of ever getting out. But then I could feel myself getting warmer, and you know what, for the first time ever I welcomed the coming pain, after almost five days of getting warmer the pain became unbareable. But at that moment I let the sun take me, and I, well, I melted into water.
  • I lazily floated down the river, just having a good time, talking to friends old and new. After a few days I saw my first fish, first it was one, then two, and on and on they went. It must have been mating season.
  • As I was floating along I noticed a lumbering mass coming toward me, was that, a bear! It opened it's mouth, praying it wasn't going to be me swallowed, but just my luck, I was the one swallowed. for the next couple of days all I could see was darkness.
  • After a couple days I couldn't help but notice it was starting to get brighter, but that was when it happened, light poured into my eyes, but then the problem arose, I was on top off the bear, but that was when I evaporated suddenly, I don't know when it happend, but one mement I was water, the next I was a vapor.
  • After being in that bear it felt great to be vapor again, but then it got deathly cold, I started to turn back to a tiny drop, once I had combined with other drops, we started to fall again but instantly we froze, no I groaned, we were back on the glacier.
  • When he finally melted off, he, once again, floated lazily down a river. Then was swallowed by a bear never to be seen again.
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