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Updated: 5/27/2020
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  • Name: Shayleah BauriesPeriod: 5-6
  • Evolution of the Chicken!
  • Large open plain, ex: farms, backyards, fieldsSunny, dry, and rainy, damp environmentsHot and cold climatesPredators include Foxes, Coyotes, Raccoons, Dogs & HawksDrink waterEat seeds, flowers, insects, and vegetation
  • Adaptations:FeathersBeakFeet
  • Variations
  • SizeColor
  • population is separated by breed separate by color and they mate with the same color as they are
  • Geographical
  • Speciation shedding feathers
  • surrounded by new animals they have never seen beforeblend into their surroundings and they can have an easier time surviving when their predators come around
  • Selecting Agent
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