Gideon V wainright
Updated: 3/22/2020
Gideon V wainright

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, you're charged with a felony
  • Aw man, sorry. Can I get a lawyer though? I'm broke
  • Bro, we only do that in capital cases, it's state law
  • Aw jeez, I guess I'll have to represent myself then.
  • Wow, you're a pretty bad lawyer, I sentence you to 5 years
  • Aw jeez Rick, it's not my fault, I didn't have a lawyer
  • I'm the 6th Amendment and I give you right to council. Sue this guy
  • I'm the 14th Amendment and what he said but for the states too
  • I'm the US Supreme Court and I agree with Gideon, He's a real OG
  • Hey thanks guys, You're the best, lets do this trial again
  • "Your Honor"
  • Wow, good job Lawyer, Gideon, you're acquitted
  • Thanks democratic system, you're the best. Time to go to the pool hall again