Star Spangled Banner Story Board
Updated: 2/14/2020
Star Spangled Banner Story Board

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  • Mary darling the case that I am working on is very difficult and important but I do not think I can handle it
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  • Mary,Mary!! come and look at what is happening outside at Fort McHenry!!!!!!
  • Francis I am coming give me a minute
  • Captain we have made it to Fort McHenry Sir.
  • .Key's would always talk to his wife about his cases as being a lawyer and he wanted to go to Washingtion D.C to be a lawyer there
  • On September 12,1814 the Battle of Baltimont started and since Key's lived near there he saw it happening.
  • Wow the flag is still there.
  • The British were on there way to Fort McHenry to attack it and see what they could take from.
  • Mary have you heard that the poem I wrote has been named the national anthem of American.
  • The battle at Fort McHenry began September 12,1814 and ended September 15,1814
  • After the three long days of the battle at Fort McHenry Key's went to the window to see what had happened and to his surprise, he saw the American flag waving up in the sky.
  • After Key's saw that the flag was still there he got the inspiration to write the Star-Spangled Banner and then about a century later the Star-Spangled Banner became know as the national anthem of American.