Barriers to Integrating Technology

Updated: 6/30/2020
Barriers to Integrating Technology

Storyboard Text

  • Lack of Resources
  • The technology that we do have doesn't even work most of the time!
  • How can I successfully implement technology without support and time?
  • Assessment
  • I do not have time to teach them other computer skills. It will only take away from my teaching time.
  • There is so much pressure for my students to pass the test. They need to know how to use the computer to take their test.
  • Subject Culture
  • Why would I want to use eBooks when we have all these perfectly good books on the shelves?
  • Research can be done just as easily using a book as it can on a computer.
  • One reason teachers do not integrate technology is because of lack of resources. These include technology, access, time, and technical support. Lacking these resources is very discouraging to a teacher and it is easier to not use it.
  • With so much emphasis put on students passing a test, teachers often implement technology as a means to supplement test taking. Students learn technology to take a test, rather than learning new skills. Technology is not used to enhance learning. Teachers also do not want to spend the time teaching students skills unrelated to the test.
  • Due to institutionalized practices, an idea has developed that technology integration is only suitable for certain subjects. Some teachers may believe that technology has no part of their teaching because it does not seem relevant. This thought prevents a barrier.