“The Treasure of Lemon Brown”- By: Loren Turner
Updated: 5/14/2020
“The Treasure of Lemon Brown”- By: Loren Turner
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  • Letter from Principal.
  • "I had to leave school when I was thirteen," "That's a year younger than you are now. If I'd had half the chances you have, I'd..."
  • As Greg checked for traffic and dashed across the street. He reached the open house as a bolt of lighting lit the sky. Greg stepped inside to the grim shadows
  • Part 2"Don't try nothin' ' cause I got a razor sharp enough to cut a week into nine days!"
  • Part 1Greg got up from the couch because he though he heard breathing, and as soon as the rain let up he would leave.
  • Part 1"They's bad men."
  • Part 2"Hey! Rag man!""We know you are in here. What you got up those rags? You got any money?"
  • Part 3"We don't want to have to come in and hurt you, old man, but we don't mind if we have to." 
  • Part 1"There it be," nodding his head. "There it be."
  • Part 1"I used to travel around and make money to feed my wife and Jesse-that's my boy's name.", "Anyway, he went off to war, and I went off still playing and singing.", "I traveled around, and one time I come home, there was this letter saying Jesse got killed.", "They sent back what he had and it was this old mouth fiddle and these clippings."
  • Part 2Greg looked at the old man, saw the distant look in his eye, then turned to the clippings. They told of Sweet Lemon Brown, a blues singer and harmonica player appearing at different theaters in the South.
  • Greg's wondering what his father would say and wondering if he should tell his father about Lemon Brown. He decided that Lemon Brown would be OK.
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