Spanish-American War
Updated: 1/15/2021
Spanish-American War

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  • The letter raised a commotion not just because it ridiculed McKinley, but mostly because of the sensationalism surrounding it.
  • de lome letterSTOLENMckinley is weak and bidder
  • Weyler forced 100,000 Cubans into guarded camps where there was little food and sanitation.
  • Valeriano Weyler
  • McKinley would do anything for people to like him.
  • Preparing for the Philippines: McKinley said to attack the Spanish fleet if war breaks out here
  • Mc Kinley moved the U.S.S. Maine into the city's harbor to protect American's and their property. When the U.S.S Maine sunk from an explosion on Feb. 15, more than 250 people died.
  • DEMANDS ON THE SPANISH-stop concentration camps-stop the fighting-Cuba needs to be independent- pay for the damage -declare war
  • McKinley:I don't want war, i want PEACE !!!
  • Theodore's group called the Rough Riders had cowboys, policemen, athletes, and miners.
  • Dates of the war-Declared war on April 11, 1898-War ended on August 13, 1898
  • Treaty of Paris signed in December and the Senate ratified the treaty in February 1899. Paris becomes a neutral territory.
  • DEATHS OF WAR: 2,500 Americans died in the war and 400 died in battle, others died because food poisoning, yellow fever, malaria, and inadequate medical care.
  • Cuba wants the US to intervene, but the US is unwilling to spend the money it would require. Cubans attract Americans interest by burning American Sugar cane plantations in Cuba.
  • America gained PORTICO AND GUAM because they paid for them
  • Yellow journalism was exaggerated and sensational, reporting of the news, and Cuba used this to try to get the US to help them
  • the war was called, "a splendid little war" because it was short, and not many people died
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