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math project
Updated: 11/19/2019
math project
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  • Excuse me? Can you help me with something??
  • I can't seem to figure out how tall the ladder is?? I have tried everything!!
  • My dad ladder, he can't figure out how tall the ladder??
  • uh ohh? I have the same problem, I have no idea how to solve that I have tried everything, could we work together.
  • Sure, what can I help you with??
  • maybe we should use the pythagorean theorem??
  • ohh yeah I never tried that before!
  • ok. so my dad wall is 12 ft tall and from the wall to the end of the ladder its 5ft. So I need to figure out how tall is my dads ladder?
  • and my ladder is 15 ft tall and my ladder is leaning against the house that is 12 ft tall, how are we going to do this?
  • ok, so your equation would be 12 squared plus B squared equals 15 squared.
  • ok, so you would have to put everything squared, like 12 times 12 or 7 times 7.
  • so I have to solve for B??
  • ok I got it.
  • yep,so my equation would be 12 squared(144) plus 5 squared(25) equals 169.
  • then you find the square root of 169 which is 13. So my answer would be that my dads ladder is 13 ft tall.
  • I got 144 plus B squared equals 225. I subtracted 144 from each side and 81. Now I find the square root 81 and its 9.
  • So from my wall to the bottom of the ladders its 9 ft.
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