james town

Updated: 9/30/2021
james town

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  • december 1606
  • may 14, 1607
  • January 1608
  • 144 colonist sent by Virginia company of London to find new world
  • spring 1608
  • 104 colonist made it to the new world in Chesapeake bay up the James river
  • john rolfe sent new tobacco to England in 1604
  • by 1608 only 38 colonist where alive because they died from many diseases and not enough food
  • march 22 1622
  • only 38 colonists alive led to john smith talking control of the colony and making trade deals with Powhatan
  • the Virginia Company of London offers 50 acres of land to anyone who pays to travel to the colonies and another 50 acres per person brought along
  • Powhatan attacked the colonists along the James river 1/4 of them where killed and this all led to Jamestown surviving