The Giver Vocabulary
Updated: 3/23/2020
The Giver Vocabulary

Storyboard Text

  • His feelings are too complicated this evening.
  • Complicateddifficult to analyze or understand.
  • James how I supposed to understand that my sister is adopted?
  • His breathing faltered, but she remained defiant.
  • Defiantboldly resisting authority or an opposing force.
  • I`m glad you avowed your resolve to be a soldier.
  • Thank you sargent!
  • Resolveunderstand the meaning of.
  • Jonas and Lily both nodded sympathetically as well.
  • sympatheticexpressing compassion or friendly fellowsfeelings
  • My 12 birthday causes me overwhelming feelings of frustration and anger
  • Overwhelmingvery intense
  • I feel the same Lily!
  • GIFT
  • OH! Jonas I feel very fortunate for having you as my bother.
  • Fortunatehaving unexpected good luck