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Stealing The Mona Lisa
Updated: 11/18/2019
Stealing The Mona Lisa
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  • The Mysterious video call
  • Bring Me The Mona Lisa or Saige Gets it
  • What The Heck?!
  • Oh no. I need to tell them.
  • The call message
  • Sage is missing!!
  • The Re-tell Video call
  • One day, Jessica gets a mysterious video chat call saying that "BRING ME THE MONA LISA OR SAGE GET"S IT!." But Jessica don't even really like Sage like that so she leaves it alone and thinks nothing of it.
  • The stealing
  • Jessica was hanging out with her boyfriend Bruce when he gets a call from Mark (his best friend and sage boyfriend) saying " sage is missing. Bruce get's a really concerned look on his face then Jessica realize that she needs to tell them about the video call she got
  • The giving
  • After Mark got there Jessica told the story and Bruce dumped her on the spot. Jessica was really confused by his actions and couldn't hold her tears back. Then Mark and Bruce started to come up with a plan on how to get the Mona Lisa back .
  • The realizing
  • As the successfully stole the Mona Lisa , Jessica called back the number and told him they have it the man told them an address to come too
  • I got the painting
  • As They arrived at the place the man was already there waiting for them. they gave him the Mona Lisa and he told them saige is just right down that hole.
  • They all rushed down the hall and as soon as the found sage Bruce untied her and wrapped her up in his arms kissing her then Jessica realized he wanted her all along.THE END.
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