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Updated: 1/14/2021
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  • Beginning Before Breakfast Chapter 1
  • I am going to kill this pig!
  • STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't kill the pig!
  • Middle Chapter 1
  • Hi pig I am here to save you! Oink Oink.
  • End Chapter 1
  • I am going to name you Wilbur.
  • A runt pig was born and Fern's dad wants to kill it. Fern does not want her dad to kill the runt pig. Fern ran outside and tells her dad please don't kill it. She cries and grabs his ax. Fern stops her dad from killing the pig.
  • Fern's dad gave her the runt pig and the pig was saved from an untimely death. Fern feels joyful to have the pig. Fern thinks that the pig is perfect. Fern gives the pig a bottle of milk before school.
  • Fern has to go to school. She cannot stop thinking of the pig while she is in the school bus. When she arrived to school, she thought about picking a name. I will name him Wilbur, said Fern.