Articles of Confederation
Updated: 1/11/2021
Articles of Confederation

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  • For our new government, we will follow the document, the Articles of Confederation. The federal government will not have much power. Instead, they shall worry about affairs with other countries.
  • Agreed! The state government shall be able to impose taxes. The federal government must not collect money, though.
  • This new system of government is very flawed. Our government is not able to run smoothly because we have no power!
  • Yes! The states refuse to pay their taxes and they claim they have the right to choose their taxes. My, oh my, what will we do!
  • We must find a new form of government that is more suitable for our country.
  • We will. Giving the states this much power is forcing an imbalance on our country.
  • When America had finally gotten its independence and become a sovereign country, its representatives had decided to use the Articles of Confederation as their way of government. They used this to unite the states, as before, they were very disconnected. The Articles of Confederation was the document of laws America followed before the Constitution was written. The Articles of Confederation gave individual state governments much more power than the federal government.
  • This new form of government had many flaws that stopped it from running smoothly. First off, there was no balance in power between the state governments and the federal government. This power slowly corrupted the government. States would not impose taxes that would better the whole country because they didn't want to pay them. Also, since the federal government did not have the right to collect money as stated by the Articles of Confederation, there was nothing they could do about it. This disconnected the whole country.
  • The Articles of Confederation was also flawed because it gave too much power to the states. Since the states were able to control many aspects on their own, they weren't in need of the other states. People were disunited and nothing was in balance. The point of these laws was to bring together the states, which shows that the Articles of Confederatiom was not the right way to govern. The United States needed to find a new method of government that would be better for every citizen