The french revoulution comic strip
Updated: 2/2/2021
The french revoulution comic strip

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  • October 10,1744 King Louis XVI got the news that his father passed away thats when his son became king.
  • unfortunately New king didnt know what to do so he just had fun with all the money france had left over.
  • King Louis XVI didnt know what to do and all of his dads belongings including financial ruins got passed down
  • so what now king?
  • ugh
  • lets just go drink tea with everyone in that shed while the peasants work for us
  • Even after loosing and realizing that they are weak no changed were made they kept relying on the peasants and kept losing money KIng Louis wife also spent money on her lifestyle King louis was weak and loaned money but they never payed him back because they knew he was defenceless.
  • King Louis XVI basically kept ignoring the needs of france and decided to attack the brititsh to try and gain respect but just went over there and got handled
  • Once the peasants had their moment of enlightment same day july 14 1789 all the people of france stormed the bastille wanting a meeting with the king and bread then the king basically agreed to change but he didnt keep his word causing the people to get even more angry so at this point king is scared and powerless.
  • after loaning money and not getting payed back king Louis XVI drove france into more debt sinking them king louis didnt isten no matter what and continued to lead them into financial ruin.KIngs wife marie antionette continued to spend and they kept relying on the poor people to keep france running with their barley paid hard labor.
  • July,14 1789 the french revoulution turned violent due to poor leadership from King Louis XVI the less fortunate people from frnace has a moment of enlightment and spoke their heart questioning why they needed a leader/king in the first place then they got tired of getting bossed around and took a few seconds and relized 80% of france was the peasants so they made their own rules
  • In October Louis and his family were forced to return to Paris by the mob.June1791 Louis tried to escape and got vaught amking it proof that he was guilty of abusing his power and inprisoning innocent people and doing foul things that he shouldnt have done even with high power then King louis got killed by the guillotine and after that more people got killed.
  • Wealth!!
  • equality