The second line of defence- immune system
Updated: 5/22/2020
The second line of defence- immune system
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  • The second line of defence is what the pathogen will go after when they get past the first line of defence, where the ‘seek and destroy’ approach is used.
  • Second line of defence
  • Look! there's a pathogen... Let's see what its up to.
  • Pathogen
  • This non-specific immune response will defend against pathogens by producing many ways to fight the pathogen.
  • Second line of defence
  • You're going down!!
  • Pathogen
  • Blood clotting will be produced to stop additional infection through skin damage
  • No... Infection #3, you can no longer pass!
  • Inflammation will then act to increase the amount of blood
  • A Fever will occur to heat up the body and destroy pathogens that cannot survive in extreme heat
  • What is going on... It's getting to hot!
  • Phagocytosis will then happen.Large white blood cells will envelope pathogens and destroy them via enzymes
  • AHHHH.. I'm being destroyed
  • Bye Bye you dirty pathogen
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