Adjectives story Natalie Burkholder
Updated: 1/12/2021
Adjectives story Natalie Burkholder

Storyboard Text

  • Hey !!
  • SBS
  • On a normal day like this, Athena is planting some lavender plants. Athena thinks her flowers are very pretty. She even thinks they are prettier than her neighbor’s.
  • Did you get those crunchy, delightful seeds?
  • Athena also has a bird feeder in her backyard. Athena looked away for a split second, then a wild parakeet stole her seeds and flowers. Her garden now looked ugly now that it was plain.
  • I need my seeds back !!
  • There wasn’t just one parakeet there was 2 small parakeets. The parakeet that stole Athena’s seeds was blue and small. The other one was green. The green one was playing his black electric guitar. Athena saw a badge on one of the parakeet’s chest. It said, “SBS.” Maybe a secret bird society…
  • Party Feist !!
  • Athena did not know if these were English parakeets. But she thinks they are spies. The parakeets walk away and Athena follows them. The parakeets lead Athena to a big triangular building. Then Athena sees their leader. It is a human, by the name of Tiso. I heard Tiso calling the blue one “Dig Meep” and the green one “Meep Wee.” Tiso was asking them if they got the crunchy, delightful seeds.
  • Dig Meep responded in “yes.” Then I heard the parakeets bickering about “who was cuter.” That was odd. The I heard Meep Wee say, “We are both the cutest.” Then Athena popped out and said, “I need my seeds and flowers back!” Dig Meep replied, “There has been a shortage in seed and we needed some so we could have a party feist.” Athena said,” If you give me my seeds back I can buy more for you guys.”
  • Dig Meep agreed and Athena went to the store to buy more seed. Athena was thinking if she should buy the Kaytee seeds or the Zupreem seed. Then Athenareturned to the big triangular building and gave them their seeds. Then the 4 of them became best friends. 3 days later they had a fun, awesome adventure.