Misliha 9swo comic strip P.2
Updated: 9/24/2018
Misliha 9swo comic strip P.2
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  • oh hi, you the shopkeeper arent you. what`s up?
  • sure!
  • hello actually can you come back to the shop and persuade the people to buy the new trainers i know that you are in love with the trainers.
  • ok
  • Right let's go in
  • these new trainers they are the best i wear them all the time becuse i am an athlete
  • ill go get them!
  • we've come for my trainers!
  • I would also like a pair I have heard they are really good for teens and adults
  • The next day the shopkeeper comes to visit Tom and asks him if he can come back to the shop to show everyone what cool comfy trainers you can buy. Tom immediately says yes and they both go to the shop.
  • sure these trainers are very popular!
  • the coolest trainers you have please. I have heard about them everywhere!!
  • Tom and the shopkeeper head inside the trainer shop.
  • Thanks, Tom for everything, you were really helpful today
  • Your welcome, any time, wish me good luck for the marathon tomorrow! 
  • Two customers that came yesterday arrive to get their new trainers the mum also wants to buy the new trainers because she has heard that they are very good comfortable and cool looking. Tom also suggests that they are good for sports which makes the customers want to buy them even more
  • oh nooo!
  • come on!
  • YES almost there!
  • Another teenage costumer has heard about the cool trainers and decided to buy them too. She was also encouraged by Tom because he said they were great and he bought a pair himslef.
  • And they are super comfy and good for sports
  • The shopkeeper thanks Tom for all his hard work. Tom also loved the opportunity and says bye to the shopkeeper to get ready for the marathon tomorrow!
  • Tom and the other two athletes against him are running the marathon and Tom is the closest to winning thanks to his brand new comfy, cool and sporty trainers!
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