Updated: 3/13/2020

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  • Natural Selection of Cheetah
  • Hi my name is Emily. I am a gold cheetah. I live in this beautiful Sahara dessert. My mate is coming time for reproduction.
  • Step 1: Overproduction of Offspring
  • The more offspring we produce the more likely at least some of them will adapt and survive.
  • Step 2: Genetic Variation
  • Our breed of cheetah can have either of these two colors, brown or gold.
  • I have gold fur but I stand out more
  • Step 3: Selection
  • I have brown fur which helps me blend into my surroundings
  • Step 4: Adaptation
  • As the environment gets dryer the we have to adapt to having a lighter color to blend into our surroundings. We also adapted by needing less water to live so our color revives less sunlight and we are cooler there for needing less water.
  • Conclusion
  • I was the only one out of my family to survive. The climate burned and I had to move. Now I need to reproduce with a cheetah that is lighter colored to allow my kids to survive in this climate