Montag's Evolution
Updated: 11/20/2020
Montag's Evolution

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  • The Introduction of Montag
  • Montag influenced by Clarisse
  • Montag grows Sick
  • Montag is not a fireman. He enjoys to start fires. "It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten,to see things blackened and changed." (Bradbury 15) In this quote we are being introduced to Guy Montag and he is enjoying burning things.
  • Montag becomes a student
  • Montag meets his new neighbor Clarice she loves to talk to montag and she is very curious on what he does and in this scene you will see that montag will change by just talking to clarisse for a while." Are you happy she said. Montag thought to himself. Happy of all nonsense . He stopped laughing. He stood up at the ventilator grill. Something that was peering down at him now.( Bradbury 21,22) Clarrise kept asking Montag questions and really made him think about all these questions.
  • Montag Rebels
  • Montag grows sick because of several reasons. One reason is that he finds out that clarisse is dead.He also is a upset that his own wife doesnt even know where they met."He had chills and fever in the morning."(Bradbury 62) This quote is when Montag is starting to get sick because of clarisse's death.
  • Montag finds fulliment
  • In this scene montag is going to Fabor's house. Montag met Fabor 1 year ago in while walking in a park, Fabor was a college professor but the college got shut down because lack of students. "Montag began to rip pages out from the book. The hands tore the flyleaf and then the first and the second page."(Bradbury 101) In this scene Montag begins to rip the pages and tells Fabor to teach him about books.
  • In this section of the story Montag rebels by killing Captain Beatty. He kills Captain Beatty by killing him with a flamethrower that he used to burn his house."First I thought you had a seashell. But when you turned clever later,I wondered. We'll trace this and drop in on your friend. No said Montag. He switched the the safety catch on the flame thrower.Montag glanced to his hands to see what new thing they had done.(Bradbury 132) At this point Montag burned Captain Beatty and murdered him.
  • In this scene Montag finds fulfillment because while he is running from everything he finds these old men and they are old college professors . They are also running from the same thing he is the books. "A voice called Montag. All right, you can come out now! Montag stepped back in the shadows. Its all right your welcomed here." (Bradbury 161,162) At this part Montag has found the group of people he has been looking for and they are going to help him bring back the books.
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