4 Principles of Natural Selection Storyborad
Updated: 5/3/2019
4 Principles of Natural Selection Storyborad

Storyboard Text

  • How does natural selection lead to adaptation in populations ?
  • Environment: Rain Forest Organism: Panda Adaptation: Sixth Toe Adaptation Type: Physical
  • Five Toe Panda
  • Six Toe Panda
  • It leads to evolutionary change when indivdauls with certain characteristics have a greater survival and reproduction rate.
  • It increases the fitness by making the panda stronger and more able to get food.
  • The panda started off with Just five toes. But over time they started growing a sixth toe.
  • The 5 toed pandas will have a harder time getting food. But the 6 toed pandas are strong enough to get as much as they want.
  • The 6 toed panda will continue to reproduce. Because they can to food better than 5 toed pandas.
  • Over time the only living trait of the toes will be 6 toes. Because the pandas with six toes could produce more.
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