American Indian Movement
Updated: 6/12/2020
American Indian Movement
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  • Hello My name is Crystal, I Believe yours is Brandon!
  • Yes my name is Brandon. Nice to meet you Crystal! I was told you had to tell me more about AIM.
  • Yes Indeed! So let's get to it. The AIM, which stands for the American Indian Movement was founded in 1968 by a group of men that were tired of the urban lifestyle. There was injustice happening and colonialistwere taking over their lands.
  • What about their lifestyle was so bad that led them to such a revolt?
  • The Urban situation was very bad, as the White Americans started invading their lands and did not respect the treaties to improve the Indians well-being. Proverty was increasing, the employement level was low or inexistant and their culture was being stripped away.
  • But I heard their was the Ghost Dance religion that served basically the same purpose during that period.
  • Well the Ghost dance was very beneficial for the Indian Community but it didn't serve a political purpose. The Indian people needed a strong organization that would fight for our rights.
  • Well the main goal of the AIM is to advocate for the cultural and spiritual Identity of American Indians . They work to establish laws to improve the rights for the Natives. Furthermore they advocate for equality in favor of the Native Americans.
  • Yes Indeed they wanted to establish the American Indian soverignity, because not only were their lands taken away, their religious practices that defined their Identity were too. So here you have a short summary of the AIM
  • Okay that totally makes sense! So what are the goals of the AIM?
  • Basically they want the Native American Community to be independent in a way ?
  • Therefore becoming independent would grant them the right to freely practice their religion. This was very important to them because religion and the Native American Identity make one, you can't talk about one without the other.
  • Okay Thank you for your time!
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