The Lakota people argument
Updated: 5/30/2020
The Lakota people argument
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  • Hello Theina, I heard you wanted to know about the conflict regarding the Devils tower!
  • Yes I would love to! As I Was confused about what they said at the meeting.
  • So as you may already know the my people are the Lakota people and for us the Devils tower is not just a any tower. It's ancestral importance and ties us to our culture.
  • Oh yeah I see ! But do you guys use it though? Because if you don't use it....
  • Well that's the thing we use it for more than one purpose, for funerals, sun dances, to perform ceremonies, vision quests, as well as to pray and fast.
  • Wow I don't think a lot of people are aware of this! And how do you think the site can be honored how it should be.
  • Oh Well feels good being asked that question! First I think the U.S government should start respecting their own definition of the undue burden, they shoouldn't be a law against freely excercising one's religion. They established and therefore should respect it!
  • I agree with that, because in respect to their own definition you should be entitled to somekind of protection.
  • They haven't respected their definition of undue burden. In the contrary the undue burden seems to be a reason not to explicity protect our rights to practice our religion. Smilarly to the Vatican or any other religious site, it is our legitimate right to be protected in regards of practicing our religion.
  • That' right and that should be so in respect to the Establishment clause.
  • Well thank you for listening to me, I think you understand it better.
  • Oh, thank you forr sharing! I do understand it better and agreee that you guys deserve equal protection rights.
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