Part 1- costumes

Updated: 12/17/2020
Part 1- costumes

Storyboard Text

  • *twing*
  • Students tomorrow is royal day wear the nicest clothes and act like a prince and princess ok? Also you guys can come to the Ball ok.
  • ring ring
  • ok we will
  • I Don't have any dress or anything!!!!!!!!! I am going to act calm now so no one knows
  • No why I need to think of something PLZ help me I do not want to get embarrassed.
  • WHY why does this happen to me!! Help me ANYONE PLZ
  • Ahh there we go
  • What can I do hmmm? all of her friends need help
  • No No No Why me. Plz god or anyone help me
  • Magic carpet wow
  • WhAt is That
  • Hmmmm what is this
  • To Be continued
  • how are you here