English End Story
Updated: 6/3/2020
English End Story

Storyboard Text

  • Axel: Okay, it's getting colder too.
  • Prof. Liedenbrock: It's getting dark lets move faster
  • Axel: Yeah, we need to find a shelter first before we continue our journey.
  • Prof. Liedenbrock: Why it's suddenly raining. We have to find a shelter first
  • Axel: I am so wet, I think we need to stay for this night and continue our journey tomorrow
  • Prof. Liedenbrock: Finally, we find a shelter to stay and then continue our journey
  • Axel: Whoaa!. We did it, we finally here. We can start to find the meaning of the ancient thing
  • Prof Liedenbrock: Let me take a look at the map. I think we are in the right cave.
  • Axel: Lets find the answer of all this and get back to home as soon as possible.
  • Prof. Liedenbrock: Good morning, lets go and find something valuable
  • Axel: Definitely, it is a lot of gold. We found our treasure.
  • Prof.Liedenbrock: What is that? is it gold?