Unknown Story
Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Mrs. Maloney Waited for her husband arrival curiously peaceful.
  • Punctually as always, she heard the car tires on the stone outside, the car door closing. She stood up and went forward to kiss him as he entered.
  • hello, darling
  • hello.
  • Darling, if you're too tired to eat out tonight, I can fix you something.
  • Mr. Maloney acted unusual. Mrs Maloney insisted on fixing some food for Mrs. Maloney, but he insisted not to, that he need to talk to her.
  • We need to talk, sit down
  • After Mr. Maloney told a news to Mrs. Maloney. She went downstairs, grabbed at the first thing she touches inside the refregirator which is a leg of a lamb. Acted as if she didn't heard him, that perhaps shed imagine the whole thing.
  • When Mrs. MAloney cameback with the hard freeze lamb, she saw Mr. Maloney locking outside the window, with his back turned toward her. She took a swing with the lam and hit the back of his head and killed him.
  • That's a big bar the murderer must have used to hit poor Patrick.
  • After a long hours of investigating Mrs. Maloney invited the polce to stay for dinner. She insisted the police should eat and finish the lamb. While at dinner they talk about the murder weapon.
  • It's probably right under our noses
  • That's why the weapon should be easy to find.