Tears of a tiger
Updated: 3/13/2020
Tears of a tiger

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  • Gerald
  • Defining moment- His English paper where he reveals his emotions.
  • " If I could change the world I'd get rid of peanut butter, Band-aids, and five dollar bills."
  • Weakness- wasn't sympathetic towards Andy because he didn't feel the same pain.
  • Strength- He went throught the tragety but didn't get depressed and was a positive character.
  • Character struggle- Gerald reveals that he is obviously abused by his father.
  • Part of the friend group and was in the car accident but survived.
  • Andy's Girlfriend who is very kind, patient and caring. She is always there for Andy.
  • "It's so pretty. Look how shiny and glistening everything looks. The trees, even the telephone lines, all look different-like they've been decorated" Pg.82
  • Weakness- Being in a relationship with Andy.
  • Strength-She is very caring and loyal towards Andy.
  • Defining moment-Keisha was with Andy when he was about to attempt to jump off a bridge and she wouldn't let him.
  • Character struggle- Keisha struggle is the strain of her relationship with Andy after the accident.
  • Keisha
  • Rhonda is Keisha's best friend and Tyrone's girlfriend.
  • Character Struggle- Probably has to help Tyrone with his emotions about loosing his friend.
  • "Last week I learned that kids my age could die. That was the most frightening experience ii ever had." Pg. 18
  • Weakness- Seems insecure when she talks about Tyrone and how she never would have thought he would like her.
  • Strength-She's a positive character that isn't so sad because she wasn't directly connected and tries to make the guys feel better.
  • Defining Moment Rhonda's english paper where she talks about how scary it is that people as young as rob can die.
  • Rhonda