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Updated: 3/19/2021
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  • let all your troops march around the city and complete a circuit, do this for 6 days.
  • the seven priests carrying 7 rams horns advanced before the lord, blowing the horns, as the vanguard marched in front and behind the ark.
  • on the seventh day, march around the city and the priests shall be blowing the rams horns. when a long blast is sounded from the horn, when you hear the blast everyone shall give a mighty yell. upon that yell the city will collapse and the people shall rush.
  • "proceed the ark of the lord, go forward, march around the city marching in front of the ark of the lord.
  • and they marched around the city on the second day and soon returned to the camp, they did this for 6 days. on the seventh day they rose at daybreak and marched around the city the same way they had, although they marched around the city 7 times.
  • as the priest were going to blow their horns the people were all told to "shout" so as the priests blew their horns the people gave a mighty roar and the city wall collapsed and the people rushed into the city and exterminated everything in their path