Book One Odyssey

Updated: 1/7/2021
Book One Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • Olympus
  • I'm not the one who has a hatred of him. It is Poseidon who does. If only he didn't kill Polyphemus he would be home. But, I will grant you permission to go down and talk to his son Telemachus.
  • Zeus please give Odysseus mercy. He already has already been through so much tragedy and pain. 
  • I am Mentes, a old friend of your father. I have a vision. Odysseus is still alive out at sea on his long journey home. Your mother can't get married. You must send all her suitors away. After that, you must take a journey to Pylos and find news about your father.
  • My mother isn't ready for a wedding. She dislikes every suitor that comes here. I want to make her happy so I will do what you say. \
  • Who is this strange person? Are they a goddess? How else do they have these visions?
  • Ithaca
  • Later at home...
  • Telemachus this bard is upsetting me. It keeps reminding me of the tough journey home from Troy.
  • It's alright mother, go to your chamber and relax. I can deal with the suitors for now.
  • None of you suitors are good for my mother. By tomorrow you all must go leave my father's estate.
  • He just claimed to be an old friend...
  • A guest of mine had a vision that he was still alive and making his way back to Ithaca.
  • Your father's estate? He's dead and has no right to the throne.
  • Can we know about this guest. Where are they from? Someone with that kind of vision must be from the gods.