Princess and the pea
Updated: 6/2/2020
Princess and the pea

Storyboard Text

  • The next morning, the Queen asked the Maiden how her sleep was..
  • On one stormy night....
  • Later that day, the Queen introduced the Princess to her son, the Prince.
  • Oh very terrible, there is black and blue all over my body from something hard in the mattresses.
  • I'm a princess, I'm telling the truth
  • A young maiden appeared in front of the castle claiming that she was a princess.
  • So the Queen placed a pea in between many mattresses and waited till the morning to ask the Maiden how her sleep was
  • So the Queen decided to see if this maiden is telling the truth.
  • Oh very terrible, i have black and blue on my back from something hard in the mattress
  • And that's how the Queen knew she was telling the truth.
  • How did you sleep last night, Dear?
  • Later that week, the Prince and Princess got married.