part 2
Updated: 2/18/2021
part 2

Storyboard Text

  • One day I was waiting for the bus . i had to sit at the back and the white people had to sit at the front of the bus the bus driver said I have to get off my seat for another person and I said no so the bus driver and the police kicked me out of the bus and I got arrested.
  • you have to get off your seat or I'm going to arrest you.
  • After people knew who I was and finally understood that people are not different they are the same and they should get treated the same way.
  • we all want equal rights.
  • you should always stand up for yourself
  • I ended up making the world have equal rights and made children not having to be treated unfairly.
  • Thank you for standing up for are equal rights.
  • Having to go through so much growing up and now I finally get to have a voice and tell the world we all are the same and we all have rights.
  • When you get treated differently from others you should always stand up for yourself no matter what and stand up for your rights. And if you do something right others will follow you.
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