The World on A Turtle's Back
Updated: 1/19/2021
The World on A Turtle's Back

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  • "The World on a Turtle's Back" 
  • Aliya Futch 1st pd
  • “He wouldn’t get any of the roots for her, so she set out to do it herself.” “No one knows what happened next. Some say she slipped. Some say that, her husband fed up with all the demands she had made on him, pushed her
  • “All that she could see were the birds and the sea creatures and the sky and the ocean”
  • “The woman and her daughter kept walking in a circle around the earth, so that the earth and plants would continue to grow. They lived on the plants and roots they gathered”
  • “After a while they knew the girl was to bear a child. They did not know it, but the girl was to bear twins”
  • “But the conflict of the twins did not end at the grave of their mother”
  • “These two brothers as they grew up, represented two ways of the world which are in all people.”
  • “Her body he threw into into the ocean, and her head, into the sky. There, “Our Grandmother, The Moon” still keeps watch at night over the realm of her favorite grandson.