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Wonder Woman
Updated: 2/22/2019
Wonder Woman
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  • Intro to the Hero's world (Separation)
  • Call to action (Separation)
  • Mentor teaches the hero (Initiation)
  • - Diana lived with her mother (Hippolyta) and her aunt (Antiope) on Amazon land. - Hippolyta banned Antiope from telling the story of Ares. -Diana was trained by her aunt to defeat Ares.
  • First Challenge (Initiation)
  • - Diana saved Steve after his plane crashed into the sea. - Everyone on Amazon land fight with the German soldiers who chasing Steve because he was holding a notebook what record the poisoning work of the German. - Antiope died from standing out to protect Diana
  • Final Battle ( Initiation)
  • - Diana and Steve went to London to found out who Ares was. - Diana fallen in love with Steve. - -Diana thought that Ludendorff was Ares and tried to killed him. Diana and Steve knew Ludendorff will attend a party at a castle. They infiltrate into castle. Diana intends to kill Ludendorff. She got angry when Steve prevented her from killing Ludendorff, causing the villagers to be killed by poisonous gas weapons .
  • Return home (Return)
  • -In rage, Diana chased after Ludendorff to a place containing poisonous gas. After that, Ludendorff was killed.
  • - But Patrick appeared and revealed that he was the real Ares. - When Ares was fighting with Diana, Steve stole a bomber containing poison gas and sacrificed himself to burn it at a safe distance from the village. - Because Diana loved Steve so much, she regained her strength to protected humans and destroyed Ares.
  • In London, they solemnly celebrated the end of the war.
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