Lines 296-330 Book 4 project
Updated: 5/19/2020
Lines 296-330 Book 4 project

Storyboard Text

  • Queen Dido suspects that Aeneas is planning to leave. When her fears are confirmed, she furiously wanders through the city to confront her husband.
  • Dido approaches Aeneas saying "Did you even suppose, treacherous one, that you would be able to conceal an impiety of such size and depart my country noiselessly?"
  • Dido shames Aeneas for not considering the prophecy of her death.
  • Dido asks Aeneas flat out if he has been avoiding her and if their marriage has meant nothing to him.
  • Dido cries that her reputation has been ruined because of Aeneas.
  • Dido wishes she had given birth to Aeneas's child during his stay there because then she would have some joy after Aeneas leaves.